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45 Fascinating Rustic Storage Ideas For Bathroom

If you are thinking about creative storage ideas it is best to think outside the box (excuse the pun). There are plenty of artistic ways to store items such as candles, shoes and magazines. All you need is a little know how, paint and some bits and pieces. So use those left over screws and paint from your last renovation and put them to some use.

A good place to start is with hanging objects. Whether it’s your little daughter with too many handbags or you with too many coats, hanging objects up is a great idea to empty some floor space. A great idea is take a garden trellis and paint it. If your room has a theme colour, use that to paint the wood. Screw in hangers where the trellis wood crosses over each other. Once the paint is dry and the hangers are secure, mount it on the wall.

Another fantastic way to make use of wall rather than floor space, is to collect old fruit or soda wooden crates. You can paint them to look more formal, or leave them in their rustic wooden state for a more natural look. Mount them onto the wall in groups. You can store books, photographs, vases or any other display items in the crates.

Students living in a residence or large families that have to share one bathroom are always looking for innovative ways to hang their towels. Most standard bathrooms come with only one or two towel hangers, which is not enough if there are four or five of you. One idea is to use short wooden curtain rails and mount them for more space.

Another idea for those with a bit more time and creativity is to use an old ladder as a storage unit. You can paint or spray paint the ladder and use the rungs to hang your towels from. Just prop the ladder up against the wall or if the towels are wet, open the ladder so the towels hang away from each other.

Children have more stuff than most adults with all their toys and crafts. Use a toy box to keep the toys all together. If your child is old enough, think about raising their bed. Loft beds are wonderful as they are high up, allowing plenty of room underneath for extra small cabinets, and even a table. This will free up some floor space for them to play in.

If you want to store your items for long periods, remember to pack them correctly. Instead of packing your clothes in one box and your glasses in another, use your clothes to wrap your glasses in. They will help against breakages and keep your glass protected.

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