46 Awesome Brick Patterns Patio Ideas For Your Beautiful Yard - Design

46 Awesome Brick Patterns Patio Ideas For Your Beautiful Yard

If you have ever thought about redoing your walkway or even installing an entire backyard patio, but you have been putting it off because of cost or just fear of the unknown, Patio Pal Design Brick Patterns is the answer.

Contrary to popular belief, laying the groundwork is not the most difficult part of designing the layout. Even a grade school kid can figure out how make a base, pour some sand, and brace the sides

The hard part is figuring where and how to put the bricks and stones once this foundation is laid. And this is where Patio Pal comes in. The “pals” are actually a plastic base into which you fit bricks and pavers of various sizes and thicknesses. Think of it as a mold. You can create the actual design you would like, placing the bricks in various groupings and in various directions.

There are four styles to choose from. Each one is made to use with different sized bricks or the flat pavers. Each box covers about 20 sf in area, and they can be mixed and matched to create all sorts of designs.

When purchasing these Patio Pals, each style has charts to show you exactly what you need for each style brick or paver. Once you know the area you plan on covering simply following the ordering guidelines. Each chart tells you exactly how many forms you will need to order, along with exactly how many bricks you will need on hand to complete the job.

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