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48 Comfy Outdoor Benches Ideas With L Shaped Design

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking through a professionally landscaped garden then you know what a wonderland of beauty and serenity it can be. It seems that around every corner you come upon a new vantage point that is just so beautiful to behold, you can hardly believe your eyes.

This isn’t by chance, you know. Professional designers know the secret of focal points and their power to turn a ho-hum garden or backyard into a dazzling, spectacular oasis of splendor.

Focal points can be all about drama or surprise. And while there’s not hard and fast rule that says you have to have a focal point, it is one of the easiest design tricks to implement, even if you’re an amateur landscaper on a budget.

If you’re going for drama, then you want to set the stage with your vegetation. Think of it as being a grand entryway to the focal point. It announces that something is coming, either through texture, color, fragrance or a blend of all three. As for the focal point itself, outdoor benches can either be the focal point or a supporting cast member. If it’s to be the focal point, then you want everything to lead to it visually, so all the senses are drawn to it. You don’t want visitors to guess if that’s the effect you were going for – you want there to be no doubt whatsoever.

A way to do this is to add another element to your outdoor benches, such as an arbor over it or a screen behind it. A screen is a great idea, allowing you to add climbing roses or other climbing plants to it to give it character and depth. The bench itself can have some glamour as well. Instead of going with a backless bench, you can go instead with outdoor benches that have a nice arched back or go with a cast iron or cast aluminum bench that adds a touch of color and contrast to the space.

If you’re going for a surprise instead, consider using outdoor benches in combination with another feature. Going with the same back wall idea above, you could add a half wall of plaster or brick and perhaps go with a nice water feature instead, such as a wall fountain. There are many fountains to choose from, and these not only add beauty to the focal point but add just a touch of Zen as the trickling, gurgling water soothes the soul and calms the mind.

Another way to create a focal point that is a bit of a surprise is to introduce it suddenly. For example, you can use outdoor benches as the focal point and place them at the end of a curve where the vegetation gradually reduces in height to reveal a quaint setting to relax, talk or simply enjoy the beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna.

One of the reasons why outdoor benches are such as great idea for a focal point is that it offers a payoff to visitors who roam your spaces. They not only get to enjoy a spot of particular beauty as they enter it, but then enjoy it as they sit a spell, soaking in all the beauty you’ve created with your eye on design and your green thumb.

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