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49 Simply Black And White Tile Bathroom Decor Ideas

The clinical gleam of the leading interior design trends over the last decade has left something of a mark on the state of the average household. Walls are left drained of color, left with little more than a soft eggshell tint to warm the room. The damage has been particularly bad in the bathroom. The general rule seems to have been, for a long time: ‘If it’s white, it sparkles.’ And God forbid should anyone visit your bathroom without catching sight of a sparkle.

The latest injection of life back into bathroom design is black. Some homeowners are now casting aside the whitewash tiles of old in exchange for a hotter ebony gloss. Black is a great color for the bathroom, as it retains the same clean feel as white while delivering an extra touch of richness, but an issue arises when the room is drowned in black just for the sake of it.

A word of warning: an entirely black room can feel very small indeed. But how can you make a bathroom seem spacious without overusing white?

A great way to overcome this conundrum is by employing use of black on white. Black interior tiling of showers look fantastic in contrast to the white of the rest of the room, along with the sink and towel rack.

It’s important not to overpower the white, so in general, have a little less of the black, and this becomes the focus of the room. This is why it’s a good idea to decorate the key features black, instead of the walls, ceiling and floor (though in some cases, a black marble floor can bring a delicate grandeur to the room, but if you want to go for that kind of refurbishing, keep the rest of the room white.)

If you’re interested in going a little further than just a black-and-white set-up, a small splash of color can really make the difference between a good interior and a beautiful one. I’m partial to a small amount of violet to accompany a black-and-white backdrop, but really any color can work as long as it doesn’t oversaturate the space. It’s best to stick with things like towels and rugs to add this extra colour, as they soak up the light and add a nicer texture to the view.

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