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50 Pretty Small Kitchen Design Decor Ideas

The kitchen is often the focal point of any house, as well as a place for cooking and eating it is often a meeting place where the whole family gather. Therefore it is important to have a kitchen that is both functional and pleasant to be in.

If you thought that it was too difficult to design your own kitchen, then think again. There are many different kitchen design plans and with a few tips you can have the kitchen that you have always wanted.


If you have a small room for a kitchen it may at first seem to be very difficult when you want to design your own kitchen to your personal preferences. But remember that a functional kitchen does not rely just on the kitchen floor design, where everything has to fit into tight corners to make the most of the available space.

One simple but effective idea is to put an island in or near the centre of the room. These provide great storage as well a convenient and handy workspace. Kitchen island designs automatically create more space, as they are usually placed in the centre of the kitchen it also gives you easy access all the way around.

With a little thought you could even incorporate something like a breakfast bar as part of your kitchen island design. And don’t forget that you are not just limited to a square or rectangle for your kitchen island, it could be round or oval or any shape that will fit into your kitchen floor design.

As well as the actual design there are also many kitchen appliances available these days that come in smaller sizes, especially designed for the smaller kitchen. Things like refrigerators are available that are only twenty four inches deep as apposed to the usual thirty inch deep models. And don’t forget things like microwave ovens that will fit easily onto a worktop below overhead cabinets.

Also think about hanging your pots and pans on a rack over your kitchen island. This not only makes them more accessible and easier to get at when needed but will also drastically cut down on the amount of cupboard space that they take up. And its not just pots and pans that can be hung on racks, you can also hang up things like cooking utensils, oven gloves, and anything else that you use often. This way you don’t have to go searching through cluttered drawers just to find one item.

Lighting is another important part of the décor to think about when you design your own kitchen. With the proper kind of lighting it can create the illusion of a bigger room. There are lots of different types of lighting available these days, so you no longer have to put up with a fluorescent strip light or glaring 100 watt bulbs. The simple use of dimmer switches can give you a greater flexibility for different lighting moods.

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